The northwest turns yellow, the southeast is a concern COVID-19 in the Atlantic Ocean

Yellow Finally for Edmundston

The Greater Edmundston area will enter yellow stage at midnight Monday through Tuesday. This phase change applies to all northwest communities that have been affected by the orange phase restrictions.

Thus, the new measures relate to the following areas: Edmundston, Haut-Madawaska, Saint-Léonard, Grand-Sault, DrummondAnd the New Denmark And the Four falls.

We haven’t seen a case of community transmission for several daysThe medical director of health, Jennifer Russell, said on Monday at a news conference.

A reminder of some of the rules in the yellow stage:

  • Permissible social contacts with members of your family and 15 other people (these persons must be the same for all family members);
  • Travel between other New Brunswick areas is permitted in the Yellow Stage;
  • Official gatherings are allowed outside (a maximum of 50 people with long distances);
  • Sports teams can resume activities in their league;
  • The mask is mandatory in public places.

Moncton is concerned about public health

Dr. Jennifer Russell shared her concerns about developments in the Moncton region.

She explained that two chains of transmission have been identified in recent days and that public health is unable to determine the source of these cases, at the present time.

The two strings have public display states associated with them, and with the variables, this is worrisome, because we don’t find the case [initial] Where did you come from outside of the provinceShe explained.

We will try to find where the cases were exposed to COVID-19, but at the same time that worries us, because it means there is potential for community transmission.

Quote from:Dr.. Jennifer Russell is New Brunswick’s chief medical officer for health

Dr. Russell adds it He has concerns about an increase in cases On the side.

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The sites of potential exposure to the virus have also been announced in Moncton and many areas of New Brunswick. Check out the full list of these sites.

In particular, an exhibition notice for the Emergency Department at Dr. George-L-Dumont University Hospital Center was released on May 6 and 7 (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada / Jay LeBlanc

People aged 40 and over can be vaccinated

On Monday, the county government opened the vaccination to all New Brunswicker residents ages 40 and over.

People in this age group can now make an appointment at the pharmacy (A new window), On the county government website (A new window) Or by phone at 1-833-437-1424.

11 new patients on Monday

Public Health reported 11 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday.

Five of those people are in New Brunswick and the other six are New Brunswickers who have contracted the virus outside of the county and are self-isolating in another county.

New Brunswickers who contract the COVID-19 virus outside of the county are counted in their home region.

A total of 149 New Brunswickers are currently sick with COVID-19. Eleven of them were hospitalized, including three in intensive care. Four of these people were hospitalized outside of New Brunswick.

Transmission through the contaminated surface

The Chief Health Medical Officer confirms that cases of COVID-19 transmission through contaminated surfaces have been observed in the Fredericton area.

You remember that the virus responsible for COVID-19 is also transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces and that you should always wash your hands well and disinfect frequently touched surfaces to reduce the risk of infection.

The [variants] From 30% to 70% more contagious and as we saw in Zone 3, there has been transmission with contaminated surfaces. This is what we want to avoid across the county because there are different variables throughout the county., He explained Jennifer Russell.

She explains that the variants first detected in Brazil, the United Kingdom, South Africa and India are in the province.

This is a variant that emerged in South Africa and is currently spreading across the Pavillon Beau-Lieu private nursing home in Grand Falls, says Dr. Russell. 38 residents and 15 employees contracted COVID-19 at this facility and five residents have died in recent days.

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