The NLCB PanoGrama preliminaries start this weekend

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PanoGrama Entertainment (PE) has stated that one of its main goals for 2021 is to provide a “greatly enhanced” phase of virtual competition.

PanoGrama made its mark on the entertainment scene from April to May 2020, when the covid19 pandemic disrupted every living thing. This year the International Pan Virtual Competition is back from May 7th to 16th.

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In a press release, Ban said the National Lottery Supervision Board (NLCB) is its primary sponsor. He said this was confirmed days before the competition started and it is now called NLCB PanoGrama.

The statement reads that PanoGrama’s CEO and founder, Nevin Roach, was delighted when he received the news, saying, “It feels great to know that all the hard work since the end of this year’s event has continued to pay off last year.

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“I could not be happier with this development and I am grateful for the efforts made by my team and the NLCB that they have joined. “

The statement quoted NLCB as saying that culture has been identified as one of its five pillars of participation and that it is pleased to have linked it to PanoGrama, “to be able to help promote the culture of this earthly paradise, namely,” TT. He remains committed on a daily basis to enriching people’s lives. ”

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The NLCB PanoGrama Preliminaries will take place May 7-9 and will be broadcast on their Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages starting at 8 PM ET.

The semi-finals will be played on May 13 and the finals on May 22.

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For more information:

Call for competitions

May 7

1 Aquila Pereira (TT)

2 Morisha Potter (Antigua)

3 Michael Smith (grenade)

4 Gabrielle Chartrand (Canada)

5 Bron Chophone (TT)

6 Carlon Lyon (TT)

7 Matthew Keyser (us)

8 Kevani Greenaway (Antigua)

9 Charlton Alfonso (tt)

Ten Taisha Alexander (tt)

May 8

1 Jamal Cadet (TT)

2 Gavon Bartley (Antigua)

3 Hanif Goodridge (TT)

4 Samania Brazier (Antigua)

5 Douglas Dalloway (angleter)

6 Detroit Day (Guyan)

7 Kishon Julian (TT)

8 Shaquille Forbes (TT)

9- Leroy Symonds (6th USA)

Ten Dejean Cain (TT)

May 9

1 Andre Forde (barbade)

2 Megan-Leigh L (TT)

3 Matteo Burgen (France)

4 Demeter Samuel (Antigua)

5 Vivien Williams (TT)

6 Alexander (Saint Lucia)

7 Deja Kane (TT)

8 Keon Robinson (TT)

9 David Yondi (us)

Dex Earl Brooks Jr. (TT

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