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He is scheduled to enter the low pressure regime on Thursday and risks prolonging his visit until Saturday. The western and southern sectors of Quebec are high on the list, and they may be affected during the day Thursday. It will be the county center’s turn on Friday, before reaching the Gaspé tip and the North Shore on Saturday.

This drop is likely to pump moisture from the southern United States. The result: the amount of water available in the clouds is especially important. Everything indicates that precipitation will be very heavy, and some areas can get 50 mm of water – or even more.

The exact course of the system remains uncertain, and the areas most affected could vary over the next few days depending on the behavior of the depression.

Good winds are also possible: peaks can blow up to 70 km / h. As usual, right east of Quebec can have stronger winds, and they can blow at 80 km/h.

first autumn storm

With the onset of the colder weather that comes with the onset of fall, the stage is set for the birth of fleshy systems: fall storms. The latter are often synonymous with storm surges and torrential rain, and the damage can be significant.


Therefore, the current turmoil resembles an autumn storm. However, its intensity should fluctuate between medium and strong, depending on the sectors. Property damage, as well as flooding, is possible. Power outages also cannot be ruled out.

On average, this type of depression enters the equation around mid-September.

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