The new owner of a bitcoin mine in the United States

The American Bitcoin Mining has a new boss: the riot blockchain group turned Winston into the largest U.S. base in the industry.

debt: Vin J.D., Pixabe

Rebellion Blockchain is a bitcoin mining expert, Winston is the operator of America’s largest cryptocurrency host. The two were made to merge, which is now official: the first announced a $ 651 million second acquisition. Rebellious blockchain pockets of Winston’s assets and all its activities.

Two filling companies

Rebellion CEO Jason Les explains in a statement that the acquisition ” Chairman From the mining industry of Bitcoin. Winstone was a major target with its features that have the lowest energy costs and promise to the buyer. After all, rebellion gets its hands dirty. ” One of the most talented development teams in the industry “The new company will increase the U.S. footprint in the rapidly changing global bitcoin mining landscape. It requires more power and energy …

In detail, Winstone owns a mining farm with a total area of ​​18,000 square meters on a site based in Texas. An additional facility of 5,500 square meters will soon emerge from the ground. The site has a total capacity of 750 MW, although it currently operates only 300.

The main site of the riot was in New York State. The company has a hash capacity of 1.3 EH / s (hash per second) for approximately 13,800 Bitcoin mining ASICs. Functions that require 43 MW of power. It is testing a new mining technology in a pilot site in Texas.

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