The new Omicron XE variant was discovered in the UK, but it is too early to tell how contagious it is.

A new variant of Govit has been discovered in the UK, but experts say it is too early to say whether it is more contagious than previous strains.

The UK Institute for Health and Safety (UKHSCA) has said that Omicron is studying XE, a so-called ‘reconstruction’ mutation of the BA.1 and BA.2 strains.

As of March 22, the government agency had identified 637 cases of XE in the UK, a small fraction of the tens of thousands of cases reported each day since the deregulation.

The early growth rates of XE did not differ significantly from BA.2, also known as Omicron “Stealth”.

But using the latest data from March 16, 2022, UKHSCA reports that it now has a growth rate of 9.8%, more than the stealth variant.

Susan Hopkins talks about the new subtype (Dan Kidwood / PA)

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However, the company warned that “as new data has been added, this estimate is not consistent and can no longer be interpreted as an estimate of the growth benefit for the restructuring.”

“The numbers were too small to analyze the restructured XE region-wise,” UKHSCA said.

Professor Susan Hopkins, director of the UKHSA’s Medical Consultancy Transformation, said restorative variants are not uncommon and usually die “relatively quickly”.

“This particular restructuring, XE, has shown a variable growth rate and we have not yet been able to confirm whether it has a real growth benefit,” Ms Hopkins said. The sun.

“So far, there is not enough evidence to make conclusions about the spread, severity or effectiveness of the vaccine.”

Admission to Covid Hospital in the UK is on the rise again (PA Graphics)

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The UKHSA report added: “XE shows evidence of community outreach in the UK, although it currently accounts for less than 1% of all total cases.”

Official statistics show that a large number of people in the UK have been affected by Govt disease in the past week.

For the week ended March 26, one in 13 people, or 4.9 million, were infected with the virus, according to the National Statistics Office. This is up from 4.3 million in the previous week.

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