The new Microsoft Store starts receiving popular apps

With Windows 11, Microsoft revised the entire Microsoft Store policy. It seems to be paying off because many publishers are already playing the game.

The new Microsoft Store Arguably the most important novelty in Windows 11. Aside from a complete overhaul of its interface and internal processes (abandoning HTML for native C#), this new Microsoft Store above all introduces a new, more open policy on the part of Microsoft.

Thus, app and software publishers can now display their products directly on the Microsoft Store without any modification work. There is no longer any question about UWP, the ubiquitous app, the bridge, or the win32 container. The publisher offers the same software they already offer on their official website, but it can be accessed directly by users of the Microsoft Store. An editorial is already bearing fruit.

WinZip 25 Pro and OBS Studio Integrate Microsoft Store

Since launch Windows 11 first betaThe new Microsoft Store has already started receiving new apps. The publisher CorelDraw has put the very popular WinZip program online on the Microsoft Store, in version 25. It is indeed the classic win32 application which can also be found on the publisher’s website. Obviously, we continue to recommend 7-Zip on our part, the free and powerful open source alternative.

Perhaps more modern: OBS Studio streaming software is also making its debut. It is a completely free program that allows you to manage exactly what you will be sending as video and audio streams on Twitch or YouTube, from your computer.

The other good news is that it installs like standard programs directly into the Program Files folder. At the moment, in the beta version of Windows 11, it was not possible to choose the program installation disk. So OBS Studio was installed on C: automatically. But the good news is that this is a classic, editable folder.

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Soon the games are completely open to modification

Since Windows 8, Store apps have usually been installed in a highly protected WindowsApps folder by the system. So much so that in the case of video games, it was often impossible to install mods. The Xbox team later on-demand and for some games allowed the folder to be made editable, but this was done on a case-by-case basis. With this new version of the Store, games will be able to install as they do on Steam today and can be perfectly modified.

So this is good news especially for the players.

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