The new bastion of sport in Florida

For 37e WrestleMania edition sets its bags in Tampa, Florida. 3e The most populous city in the state, is not the city that comes to mind when it comes to sports in Florida. But behind Miami and Orlando, Tampa is finally working to link victory cars with its genes.

Florida. Its sun and beaches and Miami. The state capital takes up all the space when it comes to Florida. What is more natural. Movie and music stars spend their vacation in the heat of Miami, and many movies are being shot under the sun. Even at the level of sport, it ranks first in our reflections. However, the city is resisting the ultimate power of the capital. Tampa. If it is clear that she has nothing to envy due to the heat, then it is not the same for sports. Because, for so long, Tampa has been content with the molding process, sometimes taking advantage of rare blows from the shards that never last. But it is now the city of champions and intends to beat her rivals. The year 2020 brought a lot of change in Tampa. Major changes: The prize tanks for the various teams in the city are full.

In baseball, for example, the Tampa Bay Rays won the Major League Soccer. Another trophy in the Florida team cupboard. This feat has become even more resounding since their last NBA victory dating back to 2008. Be a lean 12 year old of Tampa. However, Rays was unable to overtake the Los Angeles Dodgers for the World Series. They lost 4-2 to California. The world championships are missing from their blueprints. Another prestigious victory brought Tampa back into the spotlight. That for Tampa Bay Lightning, which won the Stanley Cup, Most Beautiful Team Cup Ice hockey. Tampa Bay won the final over the Dallas Stars, 4 to 2 wins; and again, it has been a long time since Tampa won this cup. 16 years and the 2003-2004 season. Lightning’s success is also that of player Victor Headman. The Swede won the Con Smith Cup for Best Player in the qualifiers. Man title. That could sum up Tom Brady’s surprising arrival in Tampa Buccaners.

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Tom Brady brings Tampa to the top of the world

In the United States there are two types of Kings Sports. Basketball, with the NBA, and American Football with the NFL. Tampa decided this season to win the title in the NFL. However, nothing foreshadows the Buccs victory in SuperBowl 2021. Indeed, their recent victory in the deadlines from 2002, has been shown. Additionally, Tampa did not qualify to play a playoff game in 13 years. Finally, the Pirates set the worst league record with less than 40% of wins (39.3%). Historically, Tampa was not in the running for the NFL victory. Series defeats for nearly 15 years, ending in 14 consecutive negative seasons.

But in America anything is possible. All it takes is a helping hand from fate, and a man of Providence. This guy is Tom Brady. American football legend. Winner of 6-time Super Bowl with New England Patriots. In 2020, Brady left the franchise he took on the lead for a team in need of victory. But his mere presence is really a hope. Other players are allowed to attend and strengthen the Florida ranks. Among them, we find Rob Gronkowski, who has come out of retirement and put an end to wrestling arcs. The latter appeared on WWE screens multiple times, winning the title 24/7. With these returns with the hype, Tampa is back on top and winning its second SuperBowl game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The last was the title holders. Even if that means going down in history, you might as well do it through the front door. With such an unexpected victory, Buccaneers were the first to win the SuperBowl title at home, Raymond James Stadium. If Tampa has found its colors and nicknames in recent years, it’s the same as for wrestling in town. Very present at weekly shows, and has hosted major WWE events for quite some time. But Tampa was also an ephemeral city of XWF.

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The disappointing history of wrestling in Tampa

While Florida is used to host wrestling-related events from all federations, businesses rarely stop in Tampa. The federations prefer Miami and Orlando, and sell a lot more to the general public. However, before hosting WrestleMania 37, the city was the scene of great events in WWE history. In 1995, for example, the Royal Rumble was held, which Shawn Michaels crowned for the first time. The Royal Rumble is known for its controversial ending between British Bulldog and HBK. In 2000, the Survivor Series set their bags at the Amalie Arena in Tampa. The main event of the last Big Four Pay-Per-View in the new millennium pitted Steve Austin against Triple H in a match without disqualification. In Tampa, Stone Cold flipped a car on a Triple H forklift. For the tale, Canal + was the one that broadcast the show in France. After that, it took WWE 11 years to return to Tampa in exchange for pay-per-view. The show is Extreme Rules, which sees Christian crowned a world champion for the first time in his career.

Outside of WWE, Tampa was also the city that saw the birth of a union and a return to the circuit of Hulk Hogan! Do not you remember? Normal. In 2001, after Vince McMahon’s takeover of WCW, not many WCW employees were hired by Stamford Corporation. Most of them land in the new NWA-TNA, by Geoff Jarrett. But others prefer to follow superstar Hulk Hogan. Accompanied by his friend Jimmy Hart, Voice of the South, he founded XWF. Wrestling Federation Xcitement. It is clear that under the yellow and red colors – there are beautiful names. Curt Henning, Jim Dogan, Kid Crash, Road Warriors, Rey Mysterio Junior and Vampero or even Juventud Guerrera and Terry Funk. Flashy names did not prevent the failure and shutdown of XWF in 2002. Barely a year after its founding. But not without starring in Viscera / Mabel / Big Daddy V World.

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But with WWE, Tampa has always been a lot luckier. The proof is that the city hosts the first WrestleMania in history over the course of two nights. It suffices to enter wrestling history books.

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