The Netherlands will not reopen, England will celebrate the death

  • Sustainable health activities in the Netherlands

After Germany on Monday, it was the Netherlands’ turn. Mark Rutte announced on Tuesday evening that the Kingdom would extend control measures to combat the worsening Govt-19 epidemic in the Kingdom until April 20. “The number of contaminants is rising again and there are more people in the hospital again.”, The Prime Minister explained at a press conference. “It’s a worrying fact at the moment, which is why we can not abandon operations in that area.” It should have been removed by March 30th.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Wednesday, March 21, 2021, in front of the Amsterdam Opera House.

So cafes, bars and restaurants are covered, except for orders. The same goes for “non-essential” businesses, which will draw their curtains if a pre-appointment is not made. On the other hand, to take into account the change of time, the curfew order was delayed by an hour. It runs past 10pm and runs until 4:30 p.m.

The implementation of the curfew order in January sparked riots in several cities in the Netherlands. In a country of just over 17 million people, 16,339 deaths related to the disease have been reported since the onset of the health crisis last year.

  • In the United Kingdom, there is a minute of silence for the dead of Govt-19

The United Kingdom, Europe ‘s saddest nation, observed a minute of silence on Tuesday, paying tribute to the 126,000 deaths from the epidemic, a year after the first control was established. Before the church bells rang, at noon, the country was silent and greeted the dead and leading caretakers in Parliament, in front of hospitals and elsewhere. As part of this “day of reflection”, British monuments were invited to turn on a light on their doorsteps at 8pm.

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A year after his first imprisonment, the glowing Trafalgar Square on Tuesday, March 23, commemorates the death of Govt-19 in the United Kingdom.

“As we look forward to a brighter future together, we pause to reflect on the sadness and grief that so many people and families continue to feel today.”, Queen Elizabeth II wrote in a message with a bouquet sent to the London Hospital where her husband Prince Philip had recently stayed. When the time comes, a “Permanent Memory” Will be set up to pay homage “We are lost loved ones”Boris Johnson made the announcement at a news conference.

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This tragic anniversary comes at a time when the anti-Govt vaccination campaign, one of the world’s most advanced, has given hope for a third prison sentence to be imposed on the country since early January. More than 28 million people have already received the first dose. The United Kingdom recorded 17 deaths on Monday, the lowest level since September 28, 2020.

This year’s closing comes amid a conflict with the EU over the provision of the Astrogenega vaccine, one of two used in the UK with Pfizer-Bioendech. The European Union (EU) on Wednesday called for more control over the volume of exports produced in the region.

  • Madrid reopens to British tourists on March 30

The Spanish government announced on Tuesday that it would lift restrictions on flights from the United Kingdom on March 30. They were introduced in December due to concerns about the variation of the corona virus, which was first identified in the country. However, similar restrictions on coming from South Africa and Brazil will be extended from the end of the month.

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However, Spain does not expect an immediate resumption of tourism from the United Kingdom, as one country currently bans all foreign travel, with some exceptions, which may soon impose a fine of 5,000 5,000 (, 5,785) on tourists. . Covit-19 killed 73,744 in Spain.

  • Putin is being vaccinated and the Russians are dragging their feet

Russian President Vladimir Putin, 68, was vaccinated against Kovit-19 on Tuesday evening, his spokesman said, adding that Russia was seeking to speed up its vaccination campaign. “Putin has been vaccinated against the corona virus. He is feeling well. Tomorrow will be his full working day.”, Quoted by Dmitry Peskov, quoted by the Rhea-Novosti news agency.

Of the three created by his country, the latter did not mention which vaccine Vladimir Putin received. As Dmitry Peskov recently announced, the vaccine was unique: “We don’t [la] Will not show, we must take our word for it. “

Last December, Vladimir Putin had already promised to vaccinate. Despite the success of its Sputnik V vaccine announced with numerous public campaigns and endorsements in 56 countries, Russia continues to struggle to vaccinate its people, much of which remains questionable. So far, only four million Russians have received two injections of the vaccine, and another two million have received the first dose. This is only 4% of the Russian population, which is far from the rate published in the United States or the United Kingdom.

  • In Slovakia, the Prime Minister was ordered to resign for mismanaging the crisis

Slovak Liberal leader Susannah Kapudova on Tuesday called for the resignation of centrist Prime Minister Igor Madovic to end the crisis that rocked the government.

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The resignation of the head of government is being demanded by his forty coalition allies, who have accused him of mismanaging the health crisis. They are demanding that he resign from his post by Wednesday.

Slovakia – with a population of 5.4 million – has the third highest rate of cowpea deaths and personal infections in the world, according to AFP.

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