The Netflix series show wants to use other characters like Lady Dimitrescu

serial vampire From Netflix It’s been talked about a lot since its release, but not necessarily in the best way. The series has been heavily criticized by fans of the horror saga, and has become one of the lowest rated Netflix series on the SVOD platform. What makes his future completely uncertain, even if the audience will be royalty here. What is certain is that the team behind the show wants to continue, and the show director already has a few ideas in mind.

The other villains in season two?

asked by ribbed Regarding plans for possible future seasons of the series, Andrew Dabb He then announces that he wants to use more well-known characters from the series in the long run, including a star Resident Evil VillageMrs. Dimitriscu:

As the series progresses, I want to bring it all in. If I’m on my own, I’ll want Mrs. D, I want the veggie monster, and I want everything. I want everything but wisely and responsibly. »

So the viewer wants to be able to exploit the full epic lore, while also wanting to be reassured by specifying that in no way will everything be used.

But for that to happen, Netflix still needs to renew the series, and for now, the SVOD platform hasn’t said anything about it.

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