The Netflix advisors were actually scammers

It is a wide opening with a credit card that was uncovered after several months of investigation. according to ParisianTwo 19-year-olds used various tricks to defraud their victims with their bank cards. Either they impersonated Netflix consultants or bank agents. In the first case, they explained to their victims that a malfunction affected their subscription. In the second, people were victims of fraud. Calls made as health insurance agents are also highlighted.

As in this type of credit card scam, the victims are entrusted with their personal data, especially their bank details. In total, the two defendants allegedly caused 38 victims with a total damage of €85,000. The detectives got back at the two heroes by tracing the landline used for the calls. It was connected, according to our colleagues, to two mobile phone numbers. The two defendants then made purchases with the stolen bank cards. They took the opportunity to buy tickets for Paris Saint-Germain matches, Lacoste T-shirts, televisions, electric scooters, smartphones and even a Dior sofa and ring.


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One of the defendants explained to the court that he had opened bank accounts so that his friend, “whom he did not know”, “sent him money”. “But I didn’t know it was fraudulent money,” he admitted, trying to defend himself. But when they were arrested last October, the two young men refused to give their phone code. The police got their hands on it, it was the date of birth of … their mother. They found many screenshots of bank accounts belonging to fraudulent people.

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In front of all the judges’ questions, the defendants called, and found excuses, such as the phone of someone who did not belong to him, he said. He was also going to sell his Sim: “I don’t know what the buyer did with it,” he absolutely dared. According to information from Le Parisien, the parents were also prosecuted for concealing fraud, as 20,000 euros were found in their home as well as a TV. They talked about “personal savings”. The public prosecutor specifically demanded two years’ imprisonment against the two young men and a 120-day fine for the parents. The case has been adjourned until April 17.

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