The NASA director fears that China is “stealing” the water available on the moon

This is an unusual statement to say the least. As part of the Artemis program, which aims to return astronauts to the moon, the head of NASA does not want China to appropriate the water there …

NASA’s ambitious Artemis lunar program aims to establish a sustainable astronaut presence on the Moon by 2030. But, while Elon Musk’s spacecraft is expected to be used for this mission, China is also embarking on an “adventure.” The Middle Kingdom also wants to join Russia in order to build a base there. But in order to establish a permanent presence, space agencies will have to target one of the poles of our natural satellite. In reality, These places are full of ice water.

When asked about the burgeoning race between the US and China for the Moon, current NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said: “I think the United States will be the first to go to the moon […] What worries me most, It’s that we’re going to land at the South PoleWhere we think there is water. “

Space: No One Claims Ownership on the Moon, Yet…

According to him: The precious resource should not be shared with China. However, it is important to note that in space, There is no law that grants any right to property about the resources there. However, the director explains:Water is important because it is made up of oxygen and hydrogen, oxygen for breathing, and hydrogen for fueling rockets. We want to preserve these potential reserves to the international community and Prevent China from coming and saying that the water belongs to themLike I did with the Spratly Islands. “

Bill Nelson here draws on the Artemis Accords, which is an international agreement for peace and cooperation between nation-states in space. at the current hourMore than twenty countries signed this treaty Not legally binding. however, China did not want to be part of this project.

The head of NASA adds:These are the principles of common sense, such as the peaceful use of space, Cooperate to help each other In case of danger… It also rules out the possibility of someone reaching the moon and claiming land, thus preventing others from accessing it“.

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