The names, emails and photos of 250 Afghan translators have been leaked

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The British Defense Ministry has announced that it will launch an investigation into the misrepresentation of the personal data of Afghan translators who served in British forces and sought to immigrate to the United Kingdom.

A massive data breach that could endanger the lives of 250 Afghan translators was revealed by the BBC on September 21. The email addresses, names and sometimes related photos of people who had worked for British forces and were trying to leave Afghanistan were copied as a message without warning.

Indifference deserves ” Guilty

Many political figures have condemned this indifference and deserved it. ” Guilty 2, includes the majority in power. MP Johnny Mercer hopes this error will force translators. ” Change the shelter again Urgent to avoid retaliation from the Taliban, who have been in power in Afghanistan since last month.

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We told these Afghan translators that we would ensure their safety, but this data leak would unnecessarily endanger lives. ”, Deputy John John Healy, who is in charge of security issues within the main opposition Labor Party, lamented on Twitter.

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