The mysterious disappearance of a young traveler in a “van” drives America

Los Angeles | Two lovers left on a trip to by Across the United States, only one of them is back. The mysterious disappearance of a young American woman stirs the country. A police video released on Thursday showed her fiancé in an unfavorable light.

Gabriel Pettito, 22, left New York in July with her partner, Brian Laundry, 23. It was the start of a truck ride that was supposed to last four months, and the pair regularly shared their stages on Instagram and YouTube, through photos and videos.

on this road trip In the opulent setting of the National Parks in the American West, we see the blue-eyed blonde walking down a river canyon or surfing the sand dunes.

But it was solo that Brian Laundry returned to their home in Florida on 1He is September, ten days before Gabriel Pettito’s family was informed of her 9/11 disappearance, according to police in Northport, where the couple reside.

The young woman, nicknamed “Gabi” and whose last contact with her family dates back to the end of August, was last seen in the very majestic Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming.

Police now consider Brian Laundry “worthy of investigation,” but they haven’t gone so far as to consider him a suspect.

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A video released by police in Moab, a small town in Utah, highlighted confusion over the role her boyfriend played.

Gabriel Pettito is shown there crying in a car after the police intervened in a marital dispute.

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“She gets annoyed sometimes,” Brian Laundry told the officers, explaining that they had an argument and that she hit him with his phone.

ask for help

Faced with many unanswered questions, all eyes are on him now.

“Two people left on a trip, only one came back, and that person who came back gives us no information,” Northport Police Chief Todd Garrison summed up on Thursday.

“Brian refuses to tell Gabe’s family where he last saw her. Brian also refuses to explain why he left Gabe alone and drove the truck to Florida. These are critical questions that demand immediate answers,” the traveler’s family pleaded in a statement.

“How can Brian stay behind when he’s the only one who knows where Gabe is?”

On Thursday, Gabriel Pettito’s father called “Bryan’s family” and “friends” at a press conference and asked them “to do everything possible to [sa] My daughter is going home.”

“Nothing else matters to me now,” Joe Pettito added.

The FBI opened a telephone line to deliver information on anonymity.

Laundry’s family attorney, Stephen Bertolino, said in a statement that he advised his client to remain silent, as the companion is often the first person “the police bring to their attention in such cases,” according to the report. The New York Times.

America is excited about the young woman’s disappearance. Many messages are posted on social networks in an attempt to help find it, and accounts with several thousand subscribers on Instagram are monitoring the progress of the investigation.

As evidence of the media’s interest in the case, Northport police said they had interviewed “all major television stations and nearly 60 media outlets in the past 48 hours”.

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A cat created on GoFundMe “to raise money to help find Gabby Petito” totaled more than $45,000 on Thursday.

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