The most watched series is not what you think

The streaming platform has changed its way of calculating which series are most popular. Here are the results.

If so far the fourth season of Weird things Once the most watched US series on Netflix, things have changed. It is now Wednesday Starring Gina Ortega who took the lead. Directed by Tim Burton, the series has 252 million views.

To create this ranking, Netflix first looked at the number of hours watched for 28 days after the release of the series. Now the broadcasting platform counts the number of subscribers who watched the program fully over a period of three months. who shuffled the deck.

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Thus, with this new calculation method, the top 3 most watched US series on Netflix consist of Wednesday, Weird things Season 4 f The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storyby Ryan Murphy, all released in 2022. In the ranking, we also find The Bridgerton ChronicleAnd Ladies game or night agent.

Night Agent, we told you about it here 👇

On the non-English speaking side are South Korean soap operas Squid game It remains the most watched with 265 million views. Followed by the Spanish series Stealing money.

Why this change?

according to France NewsAnd This change is due to the display of a Netflix ad. With this data, the streaming platform can communicate with advertisers about what content works and in what proportions. Long-term vision that will allow Netflix to better determine the prices shown to advertisers. In short, it’s marketing.

Netflix? Did I say Netflix?

Netflix? Did I say Netflix?

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