The most intense aurora borealis in the entire mission! »The most beautiful images from space and on Earth

CME cannibals hit Earth’s magnetosphere. The result: explosions of rare, intense polar lights that astound every fan of the show! Pictures are flooding the internet.

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[EN VIDÉO] 25 activity cycle of the sun
NASA announced on Tuesday, September 15, 2020: Our Sun entered its 25th active cycle in December 2019. Its next peak activity is scheduled for July 2025.

from Solar flares Relatively moderate, class M (less than That Class X1 registered on October 28), in the active region AR2891, successively launched clusters of particles into interplanetary space on Tuesday, November 2. This is output Mass Coronal (CME for coronary mass ejection, in English) coming from the face of the sun currently facing the earth stretching in our direction, and last night it hit the magnetic shield that protects us.

“CME Cannibals” at the gates of Earth

Scenario launched on Earth with “CME Cannibal” that modeling from meteorology Clear the space for the hours following the observed explosions. CME cannibal phenomenon occurs when two or even three waves Solar particles meet and collide to form only one stronger. Newer than the sun, faster, has absorbed the previous storm, softer. Their union was in progress when they introduced themselves to door From Our World this Wednesday, November 3, around 8 p.m. UT, that is, when it was 10pm in France. triggering a geomagnetic storm From the force G3, intense, a series ofaurora borealis Who were out of the ordinary, as he hadn’t seen in years, had witnessed by the many amateurs, photographers, and hunters who were accustomed to these heavenly sights, and were clearly surprised by their beauty. Some say that after a relatively quiet evening, they were surprised when they were about to go to bed on the night when the fire was blazing above them! Finally, the night went on too late for them.

Finally, this show was not limited to the lucky ones who live (or pass) in the highest northern and southern latitudes, because all the residents of the states in the northern United States who put nose Out that night he did not regret it, which led to a twilight alert.

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Will we be able to see them tonight in northern France and Belgium? This will depend on the evolution Storm Geomagnetic. However, the worst of the storm seems to have passed (but we may be surprised). You can follow Here Real-time evolution of the aurora borealis, and its intensity.

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