The Moroccan-United Kingdom Association Agreement promised a new lease of life

Nearly a year after Brexit, the British Chamber of Commerce for Morocco organized a webinar on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 to discuss the possibilities for cooperation between Morocco and the United Kingdom. Entitled “After Brexit: One Year Ago, First Rating”, the event brought together the British Ambassador to Morocco, his British Majesty’s Representative for Africa, and AMDIE.

Climate, energy, infrastructure, finance, agriculture or even human capital … “Opportunities for cooperation between our two kingdoms have never been so high and strong,” said UK Ambassador Simon Martin. His Excellency the Ambassador said that the union agreement signed by Morocco and the United Kingdom today should be “strengthened” and “consolidated” to allow the continuation of economic exchanges after Brexit. “There is no need to move immediately towards a free trade agreement,” the ambassador continued. Signed in 2019, the association agreement could open up new sectors with new contracts.

An observation shared by Mrs. Wafa Setter. According to AMDIE (Moroccan Agency for Investment and Export Promotion) Director of Communications Strategy, Morocco wants to strengthen its cooperation with the United Kingdom in the fields of textiles and leather, agriculture, electric automobiles and medical equipment. “Priorities” may merge in the coming months. Ms. recalls the status of the African hub with the new national brand “Morocco Now”. Wafa Setter recalled that AMDIE had transformed the UK into a “privileged partner”. The road show for 2022 is currently being prepared in the UK.

For his part, HE Alastair Long, representative of His Britannic Majesty for Africa, emphasized the importance of Morocco in the new Brexit trade policy of the United Kingdom. “Morocco is a Historical Partner and Swing for the Future”.

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Announcing the upcoming opening of a British University in Morocco, the British Ambassador wants to turn human capital into a driving force in relations between the two states. “Education and learning English are essential pillars of greater openness and diversity. Cooperation between Morocco and the United Kingdom is assured to be intensified.

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