The mixed reality headset is always late

According to the forecast of the highly respected Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has decided to delay the delivery of its mixed reality headset, the Apple Glass, by a few months. The reason is not shocking.

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Update January 6, 2023: Ming-Chi Kuo continues and signs up in a new thread showing that Apple’s mixed reality headset is still behind schedule due to issues with testing mechanical parts and development tool availability. According to him, shipments should not begin before the end of the second quarter, not even during the third quarter.

This supports the idea that Apple Glass will be unveiled at WWDC 2023.

Development of Apple’s AR/MR headset has fallen behind schedule due to issues with drop testing of mechanical components and availability of software development tools, meaning mass shipping of this device could be delayed from the original 2Q23 to the end of 2Q23 or 3Q23.

– 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (mingchikuo) January 6, 2023

Article from December 5, 2022:

The entire sector is looking forward to it: Apple’s mixed reality headset, which is being called today Apple Glass, causing more and more ink to flow out as it nears release. In fact, its marketing has been the subject of much controversy for several years now.

many dropouts And other analysts are now betting on 2023 as the perfect window for Apple’s opportunities. For Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for his predictions for Apple, the California giant’s schedule has recently been turned upside down. Device deliveries will not take place at the start of the old model.

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software first

Initially, the interested party estimated that Apple would start delivering its devices in the second quarter of 2023, As he explained in one of his Twitter posts. Ming-Chi Kuo is reviewing his judgment and now targeting his second half, between July and December. At the time of this writing, we are likely a year away from the deadline.

My latest survey indicates that Apple’s MR Headphones mass shipping schedule may be delayed to 2H23 due to software-related issues (vs. 2Q23 earlier estimate).

– 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (mingchikuo) December 4, 2022

For the analyst, this delay is explained by a relatively simple reason: software issues. As we know, Apple makes it a point of honor to provide the best possible software experience. It is especially expected that the American company will be in this field.

See you at WWDC 2023?

Certainly, you will never see Apple selling a product for which the user experience is not developed, moreover a class of devices on which it positions itself for the first time in its history. Moreover, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the components for the glasses in question will be made available to Apple during the second quarter of the year.

If this delay is confirmed, WWDC 2023, logically expected in June, could be an ideal time to mark the brand’s trade calendar. During this event, Apple can present new tools to developers to start developing uses for its future. The platform is probably called xrOS.

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