The missile explodes mid-flight a few minutes after launch

Firefly launched its first flight on September 2. The missile, called Alpha, exploded in the air a few seconds after launch. Firefly states that the job should have finished after turning off an engine.

This Thursday, September 2, the airline Firefly launched the first flight in its history. baptized alphaThe missile was successfully launched from a base Vandenberg Space Force, California. Launched at 9:59 PM, but Just two minutes laterThe rocket started tilting horizontally before to explode mid-flight. Fortunately, I just got pregnant Satellites. Firefly explained yesterday that it was Engine failure. The change in trajectory prevented the missile from reaching its maximum aerodynamic speed, The trip had to be cut short. Sometimes missiles explode during tests: Last March, Elon Musk explained it Why did his rocket explode when he fell?.

Flight Alpha, which exploded minutes after launch – Credits: Firefly

The explosion was not a coincidence

According to Firefly, The launch of the missile was successful. But after about 15 seconds of flight, One of the four engines (Engine number 2) has I stopped Suddenly. The missile was able to survive Under control for 145 seconds, before bog downInsufficient thrust from the remaining engines. Once the missile reaches A Speed ‚Äč‚Äčsupersonic – the speed at which the track control is more difficult – they have lost control from the car. The trip was The missile exploded.

Firefly explains it The missile did not explode by itself. Since it would not be possible to regain control of the missile, they fired a missile emergency system. The FTS (Trip Termination System) system enables the vehicle to be detonated, thus Termination of flight in case of emergency. Although the rocket failed to reach Earth’s orbit, Firefly considers this to be A step forward for their team. They will keep looking for the cause of the engine failure so they can work on their problems Alpha Journey 2 As soon as possible.

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Firefly video link: Firefly Alpha FLTA001

Source: the edge

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