The minister resigned following allegations of misconduct

The decision came after a series of revelations about the insults and threats he had sent.

British minister Gavin Williamson announced his resignation from the new Conservative government on Tuesday evening after allegations of his conduct. “Immoraland sending inappropriate messages to Members of Parliament and former colleagues. “As you know, there is a complaint procedure regarding messages I sent to a colleague”Minister of State without portfolio Gavin Williamson shared on Twitter in a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

“Other charges apply” And “They become a hindrance to the good works of this government.”, he added before announcing his retirement. His resignation – the first of a new Conservative government formed two weeks ago – comes after a series of revelations about insulting and threatening messages he allegedly sent.

In particular, he allegedly emailed former “shirt” (responsible for the discipline of Conservative MPs) Wendy Morton to complain about not being invited to Elizabeth II’s funeral. Others allege that he was harassed during his time at the Ministry of Defense and conduct “immoral” When he “whipped” himself. According to his former deputy whip Annie Milton, he would use a mate’s financial problems as a means of pressure.

Describes his behavior “Unethical and Immoral”Channel 4 said he had it “He loved dirty gossip and used it as a means of pressure if necessary”. According to the other accused, Gavin Williamson made violent comments towards an official while at the Ministry of Defence. “Cut Throat” And “jump out the window”.

The Prime Minister’s Office, the Conservative Party and the Parliamentary Harassment Committee have launched investigations. The appointment of 46-year-old Gavin Williamson to Rishi Sunak’s cabinet has already raised questions. Gavin Williamson has already been sacked from governments twice, first under Theresa May over leaked documents and then under Boris Johnson during the pandemic. Above all, the allegations against Rishi Sunak, the minister, drew criticism from the opposition. Reiterating his faith in his minister on Tuesday, Rishi Sunak indicated that he had accepted his resignation in the evening. “With great sadness» But he is “understood”.

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