The match against England mobilizes Wales sportingly and politically

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has very political overtones. For example in the United Kingdom, particularly in Wales which has not participated in a World Cup since 1958.

This engagement awakens in Wales national, even national pride. This sticky piece of land in the west of England (3.1 million people) is passionate about its football team. The first supporter is actor Michael Sheen. Before the Welsh footballers left for Qatar, he went to visit them. In his four-minute tirade of encouragement, he said Is a matter of Welsh pride, of a small country inhabited by puritans, with a red wall… We’re somewhere between Asterix and the movie 300.

Michael Sheen didn’t stop there: he’s now attacking Prince William, the future king of England,
Because he went to greet the English team that sponsors his federation before his departure … but not the Welsh. Prince William also has the title… Prince of Wales. On social media, Michael Sheen criticized him and demanded that title be returned to the Welshman. Just before the start of the World Cup, Prince William rectified the situation by publishing a message of encouragement in both English and Welsh.

The England-Wales match takes a political turn

The two cousins ​​from the UK used to challenge each other at the highest level in rugby but not football. This meeting, Tuesday 29 November, necessarily goes beyond the purely mathematical framework : This is an opportunity for Wales to tame the English neighbor in front of the whole world.

And after the World Cup, the Welsh FA plans to simply change its name. Leaders want to take steps to call up the national team Cymru, its Welsh name, Not Wales, the English name.

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