The man was ejected from the plane after wearing a masked thong

An interesting story about landing from Florida was announced by a local channel NBC2 And aired by Parisian. A traveler Volume United Airlines was forced to disembark Because he was wearing A red stripe on the face as an anti-goiter protective mask.

The scene, filmed inside the cabin, took place before departure Device at Fort Lauderdale Airport. In the pictures, we see the crew saying “Adam Jenny can’t be on a plane if he’s in the face.” Despite the arguments, the man “resigned himself” and left his seat. The Independent.

The 38-year-old American was wanted, according to a local channel Prove the “absurdity” Health protocol The United States, the world’s worst-hit country, has forced 805,796 people to wear masks to protect themselves against the virus. A move he points out when passengers are “authorized” to remove their safety for eating. 2Ffloride-un-americain-expulse-dun-avion-pour-avoir-porte-un-string-en-guise-de-masque-16-12-2021-MUVYYPSTLNEMREXFFHW7A3PWUU.php

A “ridiculous” protocol

There is nothing more absurd than this He said he could order a “double snack” rather than wearing a mask up to the height of the trip. “Every change in this country has been made by ordinary people,” he said. Refers to Rosa Parks, An African American who refused to give a seat on a bus to a white man in 1955.

For its part, United Airlines withdrew the existing protocol, it states “Consumer does not comply with federal obligation to wear mask”. “We are grateful to our crew for resolving the ground problem before the flight departed and to avoid any disruption to the air,” the company added in a statement.

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