The luxury four-wheel drive Range Roar sets the course for sophistication and refinement

The Range rover It has been the pioneer of luxury SUVs for 50 years.

More elegant, Range Rover from fifth generation determines the modern luxury and provides more revision More than ever.

Range Rover combines serenity, comfort and safety with unparalleled skill, blending modernity with aesthetic perfection, technological development and contact.

Range Rover 4×4 offers a selection of interior equipment in Four, five or seven places On standard or long wheelbase versions.

The fifth generation of luxury SUV takes the Land Rover’s modernist philosophy to the next level.

A contemporary interpretation of the typical Range Rover silhouette is a design achievement. Always at the fore, the Land Rover flag bearer brings breathtaking modernity and unparalleled aesthetics and sophistication.

Range Rover is defined by three lines that trace its origins through generations: roof line drop, The strong belt line and the Threshold line height. These three permanent points are associated with short frontal bump and to The back with a specific tailgate in two parts.

The Belt line without cutting It highlights the attention to detail. The rotation of the door adheres to the glass in a continuous and sharp motion. The technology brings in smooth windshields, hidden lighting while off and elegant details to give the impression that the car has been sculpted from the mass. Surface care contributes to the modern look and aerodynamic coefficient of 0.30.

The luxury interior Illuminated with modern technical elements.

a Noise neutralization system It analyzes wheel vibration, tire and engine sounds arriving in the passenger compartment and generates an opposite signal from the loudspeakers.

The Pro3 cabin air purifier system Improves air quality and significantly reduces odors, viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-23.

The pre-adaptive suspension Dynamic Response Pro software uses eHorizon’s navigation data to read the approach of the road and set up the suspension for the best response. This technology works in conjunction with adaptive cruise control and the steering assist system, mitigating body movements that may result from sudden steering at high speeds.

The Completely independent comment It has a five-link rear axle that isolates the cabin from road imperfections.

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Range Rover offers a Open the door with help With integrated obstacle detection and anti-pinch safety device. The four doors are assisted. Obstacle detection means doors can stop automatically while waiting to free up their movement space.

inside adaptive pregnancy plan Protects luggage. A floor section can be installed across the full width of the cargo space to form a section that holds small items of baggage while keeping them close at hand for unloading.

The Range Rover incorporates the latest generation of Land Rover’s electrical architecture (EVA 2.0) which includes Remote updates (Software-Over-The-Air, SOTA) for more than 70 electronic units.

The infotainment technology The Pivi Pro by Range Roar is based on a 13.1-inch curved touch screen. It uses the latest technology to provide an interface inspired by the interface of smartphones.

Rear passengers can take advantage of a Specific entertainment system (Rear Seat Entertainment System), which features 11.4-inch high-resolution touchscreens mounted on the front seat backrests. They can be used separately and allow external devices to be connected to the HDMI port, while Wi-Fi access for rear passengers ensures they can get TV programming during the flight.

An 8-inch touchscreen display mounted on the center armrest of the Executive Class rear seats provides control of seat adjustments.

a All-L . lightingThe powerful ED equips the Range Rover. The high definition digital LED lights are up to 500m in height. It features signature daylighting, turn and pass signals, adaptive lighting and image-on-start display technology.

Jobadaptive lighting Capable of dimming up to 16 elements in front of the Range Rover, ensuring that it does not dazzle other road users while maintaining optimal illumination for the driver. Dynamic headlight tilt prediction uses navigation information to adjust the beam of light as you approach bends.

The proximity beacons Help the driver to successfully maneuver at low speed in the dark, by creating a halo of light around the car.

The driver can control the Range Rover from the outside using the Remote Park Assist function from the smartphone app. This allows the Range Rover to enter or exit the parking space while the driver controls its progress by walking alongside it.

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The bearer of the Land Roar family flag benefits from Integrated chassis control system Every part of the vehicle is prepped to adapt to every mile of every journey.

Range Rover has four-wheel steering For easy driving that increases stability at high speeds and improves maneuverability.

The electrically actuated rear axle provides a steering angle of up to 7 degrees and, at low speeds, diverges from the front wheels, giving the Range Rover a turning circle of less than 11 metres.

At higher speeds, the rear wheels move in the same direction as the front wheels to improve stability and comfort.

Range Rover has Dynamic Response Pro. The 48V electronic active roll-over control system responds faster and more efficiently than a hydraulic system, applying up to 1,400Nm of torque to the anti-roll bars to control body movements.

The air suspension Isolation of the passenger compartment completely independently from road defects. It combines pneumatic springs, which are the largest in size, with double-valve shock absorbers.

The Intelligent all-wheel drive system (iAWD) operates under the control of Land Rover Intelligent Drive Dynamics (IDD), which analyzes grip level and driver actions 100 times per second to distribute the expected torque between the front and rear axles as well as between the rear wheels, ensuring optimum traction on and off-road.

Range Rover has also Automatic rear differential lock. This improves traction for the rear axle while turning at high speeds, in wet areas as well as during wheel movements in all terrains, resulting in improved performance.

All of these technologies come together in the Land Rover Terrain Response System that manages different chassis systems to better adapt settings to conditions, according to a choice of six driving modes, reducing the driver’s workload on all terrains.

The operator can manually select the most appropriate mode or use the configurable Terrain Response system to customize the set of chassis settings to suit them.

Built on the new Land Rover Flexible Longitudinal Modular Chassis (MLA-Flex), the Range Rover 4×4 features a series of six cylinders With mild hybrid (Diesel D250 and Diesel D350) or plug-in hybrid (P440e petrol and P510e petrol) and eight cylinders (essence P530 Twin Turbo V8).

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The Extended Range Rovers PHEV combines a 6-cylinder petrol engine, a 38.2 kWh lithium-ion battery (31.8 kWh usable capacity) and a 105 kW electric motor connected to the box. These motors provide up to 100 kilometers of autonomy in all-electric driving. Thanks to the instant torque of the electric motor, the new P510e accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds.

Range Rover PHEVs can reach speeds of up to 140 km/h in all types of electric power and a total CO2 emissions level of less than 30 g/km. On average, Range Rover PHEV users will be able to complete up to 75% of their trips in all-electric mode as long as they start with the battery fully charged. The location of the battery, both under the vehicle and within the wheelbase, ensures that neither luggage space nor off-road capability is diminished.

Using eHorizon’s advanced navigation data enables hybrid systems to optimize energy consumption during flight, allowing you to reach your destination safely in electric mode, while optimizing energy use in low-emissions areas.

Six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines have a span 48V MHEV . Technology Which uses energy normally used during deceleration and braking to improve fuel economy. The belt-driven alternator-alternator ensures faster and smoother start of the stop-and-go system and complements the engine effort during acceleration.

Range Rover is designed, researched and developed in the UK. During the process, Land Rover has filed no fewer than 125 patents covering everything from chassis technologies to the PHEV plug-in hybrid battery. Land Roar engineers performed over 140,000 hours of computer analysis before the actual test. A prototype fleet was launched for a test campaign and development program under extreme temperatures ranging from 45 degrees in the desert to minus 30 degrees in the Arctic.

The Range Rover will be produced exclusively at the Solihull plant in the UK.

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