“The left must forget itself in order to get out of its small, secluded space.”

Loric Sophie is a PhD student in economics and Nicholas Vrijnaud is a PhD candidate in political science. They respond to Benoit Hammon’s program, released in “Le Monde” on April 13th, which calls for a union of the left. They believe that Left Union is a mirage and that some of these actors must act urgently to rebuild their ideals.

Dear Benoit Hamoun, you are right, on the left there is definitely a base of values ​​in which many see themselves. Of course, no one will say the opposite. We must act quickly and forcefully in the face of global warming and the economic and social crisis afflicting our country. The results are shared widely and fear invades us more and more every day. However, to say that 2022 is the last date has nothing to do with the politician. primary. Fragmented Left As you can see, the question today is not about values, but rather a question of concrete political projects that are being put in place to govern the country in the face of these great challenges. And it is not true that every union deserves, even on a very small common denominator. The context is not related to a possible political victory for one of the forces that was formed on the left – they are all losers in 2022. So, as she says: “After all, if differences dominate rapprochement, let us preserve ourselves as falsehood as the useless family reunification that will add a layer .. .

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