The launch of the Yeovil station: the birth of a new “citizen’s space”!

Dozens of Yeovil residents turned out on Saturday afternoon for the opening ceremony Yeovil Station – Citizen’s Space.

It was the perfect temperature for the first day in this public square. The atmosphere was especially special for the volunteers of the Citizens’ Committee who worked hard to develop this space between Rue Berry and Rue Lagonissy in Louvain.

“We want people to take ownership of the place, and that’s working,” said Sarah Bowden-Reeves, a member of the Citizens Committee. “Already this morning, there were people on the site without any particular event to attract them – that’s a very good sign.”

The Mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante, attended the event with the Mayor of the Ahuntsek-Cartierville District, Emily Thuiler.

“We need to reconnect with our neighbourhoods. The feeling of community is good for everyone, and I am happy to see that the project is going well,” Ms. Blunt said during her visit to Yeovil Station.

San Sulpice Councilman Hadrian Barrezo and mayor candidate Chantal Haute also congratulated the citizens who set up Yeovil station.

During the town council on July 5, Mr. Barizzo also confirmed the culmination of the mobilization of citizens under this project.

After a busy day

The Solon organization was on site to help residents fix their bikes. (Photo: Eloy Fournier – JDV)

Many activities have been planned for the launch of Yeovil Station, and it has been very popular among the people at the site. There was a good proportion of young families, but the older residents also spent time in this new civic space.

Solon has set up a workshop to learn how to repair your bike. Young and old alike were able to benefit from the expertise of Solon volunteers to learn how to replace a flat tire or restore a derailed chainring to working order.

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Then, a long line formed in front of a Dburger food truck, the first to be created for this citizens’ space. Food trucks will be there every Saturday, and ice cream will be available on-site on Thursdays.

An improvisational show concluded the evening’s activities.

unified site

Yeovil Station has many colorful benches to allow area residents to sit and chat on a beautiful summer day. Activities are also planned as appreciated by residents of the Youville Strip.

“Usually, there are big Barbecues In Henri-Julien Park in the summer…so why aren’t there food trucks here in the public square? » The culprit is Matteo Hito, member of the Citizens Committee.

Yeovil Station brought people together even before the opening ceremony! Indeed, about twenty neighbors came to help the commission in creating the site.

The strategic location of this new public square, located between the northern and southern lanes of the Réseau Express Vélo (REV), could contribute to its increased popularity.

“I biked here with my son three weeks ago. If the site was in place, we would definitely have stopped here!” declared the Mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante.

The organizers have mentioned several times that this is just the beginning; However, they would like to have more help, in terms of money and time, to improve Station Youville in the coming years.

This opening season, the public plaza will be open until August 20.

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