The latest Windows update might be preventing Office applications from opening

Microsoft has just confirmed a nasty bug in its latest operating system update. The introduction of Patch Tuesday in mid-June may prevent Office applications from opening on Windows in some cases.

Are you unable to open some Office applications on your computer? You might be the victim of the nasty bug affecting the latest Windows 10 or Windows 11 update. Microsoft has already confirmed the problem on its online platform dedicated to monitoring issues with its BONE updates.

After installing KB5027231 or later updates on Windows devices with certain antivirus, malware, or security software installed, you may not be able to open Microsoft or third-party apps. Some of the known affected applications are Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications. Refers to the Redmond V giant his report.

target problem

According to Microsoft, this issue will only affect certain users, in a very specific configuration. Thus, Windows 11 at version 21H2 and 22H2, Windows 10 at version 21H2 and 22H2, and Windows Server 2022 are concerned. However, the problem will mainly affect power users. In fact, this problem that prevents Office applications from opening may occur due to the use of applications in 32-bit version installed and implemented on a 64-bit operating system. Moreover, this strange error will only appear on computers with Trellix Endpoint Security antivirus solution in version earlier than 35.31.25. ” Consumers using Windows devices at home are not likely to encounter this problem. Microsoft concludes on their support page

Simple decision

If you are one of the professional users affected by this error, Microsoft explains on its support pages the procedure to follow to resolve it. It is enough to update the Trellix Endpoint Security Agent antivirus to its latest version (35.31.25 at the time of this writing). However, Microsoft is asking users who are affected by the problem, but who are using another antivirus solution on their devices, to contact the customer support of their antivirus software publisher.

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