The Last of Us officially enters the video game aggregator

actually Multi awardthe popular first installment of the Naughty Dog saga, The Last of Us, will officially enter the Pantheon video game. The game is now included in National Strong Play Museum and International Video Game Hall of Fame, since May 4. The pantheon is based on very specific criteria, which prove The Last of Us is One of the greatest video games of all time.

A game already covered with bonuses:

The last of us It is already recognized as epic Particularly eye-catching The second most awarded authorship of 2021 has been awarded to him World record for the most awarded game of all timewith more than 302 awards. The first opus is not without remnants: the winner in BAFTA Games Awards Best Game, Best Direction, and Best Story for Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley in 2014, PS3 Game of the Year for GameSpot’s Game of the Year 2013 Awardsgame of the year for DICE Awards for the year 2014, organized by Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences

The game is nominated more than 250 times in the “Game of the Year” category in 2013, and has been awarded to several franchises in many countries, between 2013 and 2015. This first installment was also highly praised in The sales numbers are amazing For the year 2023, the PlayStation franchise has sold a record 37 million copies For two opuses, incl 20 million L.L The Last of Us: Part One.

Part of the Naughty Dog development team named Game of the Year 2013 for The Last of Us at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Therefore, the year 2023 is a symbolic year of the famous Naughty Dog game, with the game’s 10th anniversary and the release of Ha On PC on March 3. The HBO-produced series also introduced the universe created by Neil Druckmann to the small screen, with Some differences in adaptationl An audience that hasn’t necessarily started licensing.
This particular year it continues its momentum with the official integration of The last of us in the video game pantheon, which sets it in stone as an exceptional game recognized by all.

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The Last of Us is now recognized as one of the best video games of all time:

On May 4, A.J National Strong Play Museumone of the largest interactive museums in America and They specialize in video gameslocated in Manhattan Enter officially Four new games inside International Video Game Hall of Fame.
This distinction was created in 2015 by the Director of the International Center for Video Game History, John Paul C. Dyson, and is brought together under an international foundation The most important and famous video games. For 2023, the four games selected are Wii SportsAnd computer spaceAnd Barbie fashion designerand, of course, The last of us.

Selected images from the World Video Game Hall of Fame 2023
The various games selected by the powerful National Museum of Play jury for the 2023 World Video Game Hall of Fame.

It is the latest game to be accepted into the video game pantheon and, like other games, was chosen on four specific criteria.

Strict selection criteria to access the video game collection:

icon status : should be the game Recognized by gamers and official video game-related organizations. The last of us He has received numerous awards and recognition over the course of more than ten years, justifying his iconic status. website of National Strong Play Museum Also highlights Technical and innovative capabilities of the studiowith motion capture, and Different levels of storytelling That makes the story unique. there the performance of the actors In addition to music as criteria for game quality and recognition by the public.

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Longevity and life expectancy : the game should To remain popular through the decades . Naughty Dog several supportsin 2014 on PS4 with the release RemasteredAnd in its new version, The Last of Us: Part Oneon PS5 in September 2022 and then on PC in March 2023. So longevity cannot be proven, especially since Toy sales exploded after the success of the HBO series. with one 238% growth in the UK At the beginning of 2023.

International access : the game should Being able to be recognized as an icon on an international level. Naughty Dog has managed to unite a large community around the world. Sales to the four corners of the world and Positive opinions from international organizations Support the globalization of this game.

impact : the last criterion depends on The ability of a game to influence the design and development of other video games, other forms of entertainment, or culture in general. as, The last of us can show a Influencing the adventure video game genrewith numerous awards as “Best Adventure Game”, but above all showing its influence in creating new forms of entertainment, with Serial The last of us by HBO. Serial was Worldwide acclaimed and more 8 million spectators gathered at 8y the ring. a Season two is already in the worksand one may even wonder if this adaptation is possible Inspiration for future video game adaptationsDue to the quality and success of the series, which brings together Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Other forms of entertainment were created around it The last of uslike board gamesfollower Caricaturea He playsH or even tattoothat Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin proudly posted on their social media in February.

place The last of us In the video game pantheon is undefinable, once again confirming the talent of Naughty Dog teams. Perhaps in the future, another game from the studio could join the ranks International Video Game Hall of FameBut nothing is less certain…

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See you soon on Naughty Dog Mag’!

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