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The Italians were crowned European champions on Sunday, July 11th. This is the second time that Italy has won the Euro Championship.

The Italians had a drunken good night thanks to their Euro 2021 victory. The centuries party until 4am, and on Monday 12 July, the Italians struggle to wake up. July 12 is believed to be a national holiday. The sports newspaper Titled All in Sobriety “very good”And the “They are so beautiful”. “It’s ours!”, on the first page of Corriere dello SportAnd the “It’s ours!And the great Rome newspaper, Messagerro, s’exclame: “Europe is us”.

The Italians are very proud. The players from the UK arrived this morning at Romanian airport. They are currently in the hotel, where they are trying to sleep a little before meeting the President of the Republic and then the President of the Council. The authorities are trying to organize something, a kind of Romain-style victory, notes Alban Mikozzi, a journalist at France TV in Rome.

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