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Posted on November 25, 2021, 11:34 amUpdated on November 25, 2021 12:06 PM

The documentary, available on Netflix from November 26, is simply called ” Angela” And the title sums up the point: a dive into the intimacy of the new queen of French-speaking pop, who recently experienced a meteoric rise to the top of the billboard.

Unknown until 2017 when she performed a deeply disturbing opening act for rapper Damso – one of the film’s most intriguing sequences – that prompted teen idol and feminist icon to the following year, the 26-year-old Brussels woman revealed her suspicions and deep sense of illegitimacy based on old memoirs , secret books “Exhumed his remains” enormousmess “On the occasion of the forced interruption of confinement. ” what am I doing here ? “,” why me ? “The singer-songwriter asks, naturally scared and withdrawn. It’s ex-babysitter-turned-manager, Sylvie Farr, aptly nicknamed” selfie culot “Whoever believes in her as soon as he urges her to.” Get out of your room To test her beautiful voice on the small Belgian stage.

1 hour and 24 scans

Directed by Sébastien Rensonnet and Brice VDH, the authors of some clips of the singer and her rapper brother Romeo Elvis, the film focuses exclusively on its subject matter without trying to put it in context, unlike the excellent film that never appears to anyone in Orelsan currently airing on Amazon Prime, which It can be seen as a portrait of the time and is full of medium-sized highlights – from Oxmo Puccino to Stromae via Gims, Akhenaton or Soprano.

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Here, there are no testimonies outside of Angela’s inner circle, who only lack perspective regarding the phenomenon. Fans will find reasons to love this star who wanted fame without the consequences. Others might get upset because we all get so much time – an hour and 24! – to introspect a young woman so beautiful, so blonde, born so well into a family of celebrity-entertainers, that she would impose herself only on the evidence of his talent.

While waiting for “ninety-five”

However, the documentary doesn’t evade the violent episodes he experienced during his short career: its erotic photo of Eve that Playboy released without his permission, the unbearable pressure from social networks to respond when Romeo accused Elvis of sexual assault, Out The tabloids deprived her by distributing stolen photos with her companion without having time to inform her family and, in particular, her beloved grandmother.

Released just in time for Angèle’s second album, the film is still essentially a solid promotional tool ahead of its release, on December 10,” ninety five » which is announced by its author ‘More intimate ” And ” less uniform “who-that” brule We await with great interest the measure of the artist’s development.

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