The International Space Station dumped 3 tons of trash into space

The information went relatively unnoticed, however International Space Station The ISS secretly disposed of a 2.9-ton pallet on March 11, the largest Residues It hasn’t fallen into space since the station’s launch. This exterior billet, the size of a large sedan, is remarkably charged with old nickel-hydrogen batteries used for the International Space Station Research Laboratory, which have been replaced by Li-ion batteries Between 2017 and 2020 by the Japanese Supply Shuttle H-II transport vehicle (HTV).

The pallet was separated from the International Space Station by a 17-meter robotic arm controlled from Johnson Space Center In Houston, USA. to me NASA, The pallet – without a self-propelled system – is expected to stay in space for two to four years before diving inAtmosphere Mundane and disintegrate. However, some debris could still be resisted entering the atmosphere and Earth is intact on Earth, as a NASA spokesperson admits in an interview with the site. Space flight now. The Increase the amount of waste Voluntarily launched or not launched into space also constitutes more and more Security concerns.

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