The International Olympic Committee wants to ban the International Boxing Federation from participating in the Olympic Games

The Executive Committee of the Authority and its headquarters in Lausanne has recommended Wednesday in the session of the International Olympic Committee, i.e. the extraordinary convening of its General Assembly on June 22, withdraw recognition In the IBA, it has already been suspended since June 26, 2019, she said in a press release.

The suspense is thin, as the IOC session generally ratifies what the executive decides, and thus the PBA must definitively lose the organization of Olympic boxing tournaments and the financial gain that goes with them, to just live on its own. its resources.

The boxing authority, which has been discredited by frequent refereeing scandals, terrible debts, and a former leader considered by the United States One of the leaders of organized crime However, Uzbekistan announced its desire for reform by adopting a new president in December 2020, the Russian Umar Karimlev.

In a scathing report also published on Wednesday, the IOC isn’t just judging the international body of lawyers Failed to meet the conditions I prepared to take it back, but it got into a direct confrontation with the Olympic Authority, and went further than that bullyingEspecially when the International Olympic Committee canceled the organization of the Paris Championship in 2024, after depriving it of that in Tokyo.

The Olympique déplore également the dépendance financière persistante au géant Russe Gazprom, son of principal parraineur amené par Kremlev, who avait par ailleurs défié le CIO en autorisant les boxeurs russes et belarusses à combattre sous leurs propres couleurs lors des mondiaux feminins, en mars, in India.

And the Executive Director of the International Olympic Committee confirms his passage to the presence of boxing in the Paris Olympics, scheduled since the end of 2020, but he leaves in the dark its maintenance in Los Angeles, whose final program must be approved this year.

The disgrace of the International Professional Federation coincides with the emergence of a new representative, the young International Federation of World Boxing, which pushed behind the scenes several Western federations, including the United States and Switzerland. Britain, the Netherlands and New Zealand have indicated they want to follow suit.

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