The influencer says a record number of depression

When he speaks publicly in defense of an agent, gaming agent Alan Walsh does so because he has tried every other means he can but fails to get what he wanted.

A resident of Laval in particular caused a reaction this summer when he posted a drawing of his client Marc-Andre Fleury with a sword pierced on it written on it.[Peter] DeBoer ».

The head coach of Vegas Golden Knights had preferred Robin Lehner to start the vast majority of the team’s matches in the last tournament.

However, Walsh said in a podcast interview Time out With Louis Jean, published on Wednesday, a speech on social media was the last resort he wanted to make for himself.

“When it came to fighting for a player, every time I said something in public, this was the last resort ever,” shocked the microphone of this TVA Sports podcast. It wasn’t the first, second, or third choice. It has gotten to the point that the player and I, as a team, have exhausted all possible options with a career at stake. “

“The truth is: Many players can go their entire career without being in that position. And that’s okay. And there are so many players who, over the course of a long career in the NHL, will have a moment when they are in a position with their career at stake.

“They need to know, in their darkest hours, that someone is ready to defend them, fight for them, and improve the situation.”

Too many depressions

The agent was also concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on players. If the situation is to change this year with vaccination, players still have to follow very strict health protocols.

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He believes the number of league downturns has never been as high as it is now. And the effects don’t stop at the athletes because their families must strictly follow protocols.

With this year’s experience and in the bubble [lors des séries éliminatoires cet été]Walsh argued that players should live with issues of isolation and anxiety. There are more drops in this league than ever before. very Difficult. The players go on the road and cannot go to the restaurant and see the people. “

“It has a huge impact on many players and their families. Bear in mind that the protocols state that families will spend as much time as possible at home. The immediate family cannot go to restaurants or malls. When players go on the road, there are still restrictions on what can be done.” That the family does. This has a bad effect on everyone. “

In search of solutions

Walsh believes that the trend towards disassociation, he thinks the idea of ​​forming another bubble for the sake of the qualifiers has not been considered at this time. However, Pitman will have to find solutions for the last two rounds of the qualifiers.

“When we reach the League Finals, the Canadian teams will have to cross the border and go to the United States. The border is closed. There are still a lot of decisions to be made. (…) The idea of ​​traveling a lot may not be realistic. We can see a Canadian team in action. And he plays his matches at home [aux États-Unis]. It is speculation, but decisions must be made. “

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