The infamous Tom Hanks Flop is leaving Netflix soon

Director Lana Wachowski returns to the box office next week with The Matrix Resurrections next week, which will surely send people down a rabbit hole of her previous work. However, you may want to watch the 2013 drama Cloud Atlas, an infamous and ambitious failure, before it leaves Netflix on January 31. Starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, and Hugo Weaving, Cloud Atlas tells the story of reincarnation, as souls travel through different points in time and show how an act of kindness can have a ripple effect across history and the universe.

Directed by Wachowski and his sister Lily Wachowski and Tom Tucker, Cloud Atlas was an adaptation of David Mitchell’s award-winning novel. However, that praise didn’t quite translate into the film. It received poor reviews, reaching 66% of reviews and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, and grossed $27 million at the US box office. While his global stake was $130 million, he is still seen as a loser for his failure to connect with the American public.

One of the craziest things about Cloud Atlas is the fact that the actors will play several different characters over the course of the movie due to the different storylines that often take place at different times. According to Hanks, this could present some unique challenges while filming. “Yeah, that was cool. We always knew who we were going to play against the next day,” he told Collider. “We were reading the contact paper so we knew where we were going and how long it would take to do that. Sometimes you make movies where you play the same guy, but you go to six in different places. You get a part of it in Iceland, you get a part of it in the Sahara Desert, you get a part of it in Los Angeles. It was so, but square or cubic. “

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“It was like an algorithm because the focus and performance of each character was completely different,” he continued. “They all needed different energy and different vibes that you carried around with you all day, and they all felt different because the outfit and makeup changed the way you stand, sit, or try to dress. To take a nap, sometimes. It was as if a massive amount of ‘work’ had taken place. It’s done for us. A lot of what we have to do is pretend it’s happening for the first time. In this movie, literally every day, you’ve been doing something that will never be repeated because this character will be gone in a day or two.”

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