The image will reveal the new design of Apple headphones

The design of the AirPods Pro, with its smaller bars, will be close to that of the classic AirPods. Site 52 votes I got a picture of what will be the third generation of Apple wireless headphones. Good news for those who detract from the inside of the ear, the new AirPods will work without tips for insertion into their ears (although the site suggests we can add tips if desired)

Small AirPods Pro

According to the information received from 52 votes, AirPods 3 case will be smaller than AirPods Pro case (which will make incompatible cases). The headphones will also be slightly smaller, making them the smallest wireless headphones from Apple. The brand will launch it in March 2021, which matches other recent rumors.

However, it is doubtful whether such a leak is reliable. A few weeks before the AirPods Pro were introduced in 2019, a similar stolen image caused a lot of talk. It turned out that to him The dropout You saw it right, it was actually AirPods Pro. It wouldn’t be surprising if the same happened again this year. While waiting for potential validation, we encourage you to remain careful.

Source : 52 votes

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