The illustrator Nathalie Lefebvre presents in the cultural space of the Vice

Louisville. 65 Acrylic paintings by the painter Nathalie Lefebvre are displayed in the cultural space of the Member of Parliament for Maskinongé. Citizens are invited to come to discover and admire Louisevilloise’s work through the month of May.

Mrs. Lefebvre discovered her passion for painting and drawing at a very young age. She has been painting for 50 years and has been living from her art for the past 15 years. “From the age of four, my parents saw that I drew well,” she says. I was doing things other kids my age couldn’t. When I was nine years old, I went to a vegan home and told my parents this is what I want to do in life. »

“My dad did everything for me to take lessons. And it went on from there, keep on. Now it’s my livelihood. I’ve been drawing full time for 15 years, but art has always been in my life, in everything I’ve done.”

Among the works on display are abstract paintings and portraits. “I also like to paint black and white paintings,” adds the artist. I paint with all sorts of things, but mostly with my hands. »

“I take inspiration from nature, from what surrounds me and from my personal experiences,” she adds. For three years she sailed the Caribbean Sea. My works are inspired by what I’ve been through, especially tropical storms. »

This seventh exhibition opened in MP Simon Allaire’s Cultural Space on March 10. The exhibit is available to the public during business hours of Mr. Allaire’s County Office, located at 429, Poole. East Saint Laurent in Louisville.

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