The idea of ​​the Grand Prix is ​​taking shape in London

Formula 1 could host a new Grand Prix on the streets of London. The idea seems to be materializing and could quickly see the light of day.

Recently, on November 19, Formula 1 welcomed a new Grand Prix to its calendar, namely Las Vegas. But it is still possible to increase the number of GPs (24 races) The emergence of a race in the streets of London this time. In fact, the UK capital is planning to organize an event. A rather concrete and very serious idea since then time It reported that a circuit plan had even been submitted by the city to Liberty Media, F1’s commercial rights holders.

Circuit located mainly in the area of ​​the Royal Docks. 5.7 km road with 22 turns. The city has already thought of everything, especially the supporters. 92,000 Formula 1 fans will be able to attend the event on floating platforms, not to mention the entertainment areas and so on.

All with a modest amount of 250 million pounds, a project funded by private funds. As a reminder, the British GP is already in and could jeopardize this new project. One of the project managers, Max Farrell, talks about The race arrives for the 2026 season.

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