The Hossegor-based League brings together 180 players in the board sport industry from across the region. For the sixth year in a row, it launches its call for projects to support the initiative …

Thus, EuroSIMA, created in 1999, provides the opportunity for member companies and project leaders to stand out and bring their ideas to life.

The strength of this approach is that it allows winners to benefit from the support thanks to business leaders and managers with experience in the board sports sector. Thus the association fits perfectly into the framework of its four main tasks: autism, reinforcement, awakening, training, and development.

Last year, Soöruz, a French company that specializes in wetsuits, won the top prize. Yann Dalibot, the company’s founder in 1999, imagined clothing made from clam shells and renewed limestone.

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« Within our ecosystem, we have fertile ground for new talent and brands that are coming to revitalize our industry with creativity. It is our duty to use our expertise to advise them and assist them in their development. », Confirms Jean-Louis Rodriguez, President of EuroSIMA.

You have until July 16 …

Therefore, this call for projects aims to highlight innovative and environmentally responsible initiatives. The standards remain largely the same as those of previous years. You must be a member of EuroSIMA, and the project must be applicable to the field of sporting activities: All kinds of new ideas, new products, and new technologies can be developed ».

Companies and project leaders have until July 16 to complete and email the application form provided by the association.

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The winner will benefit from several benefits that can serve as a starting point for his project. Starting with a financial aid of 2,500 euros and premium support from the network. It will also be invited to three major events in the board sports industry; Surf Summit, the annual symposium where he can present his project; Water polo, an evening of sports industry; And Surfing Lounge, which offers the latest innovations from the world of European board sports.

More than 4000 jobs in the region …

EuroSIMA, with its 180 members and 58 service providers, plays a major role at the heart of this sector. These companies, of all sizes, employ 4,000 people in the region and generate € 1.8 billion in sales.

The association is also present throughout Europe: in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

In the past year, EuroSIMA has developed on the Internet, with its blog “Inside EuroSIMA”, and its magazine EuroSIMAg. Not to mention its recruitment platform, which is the most visited page on its website.

Despite the health and economic crisis, the sports councils industries intend to maintain their momentum, with several startups emerging around highly innovative projects that complement the development of heavyweight companies in the sector.

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