The Hobbit Ten as a children’s library in the UK

Car Junior School in York wants to create a space for its students to reclaim the flavor of reading, inspired by the world Lord of the Rings.

One would expect the most famous Hobbit Bilbo Packins to come out of the scene. The Car Junior School in York, England, has decided to create another library because it looks like a Hobbit lie, and this magical place was portrayed by JRR Tolkien. Lord of the Rings. A beautiful project, the purpose of which is to restore the taste of reading to students. The cost of the work is 10,000 10,000 or over ,500 11,500.

So is school Launched online gift pool For this “ Buchand Cottage“, (Buchand means Buchants), this will be a place”Children can develop their curiosity and develop their imagination. A place to teach them the pleasure of reading2, Can we read the site? Already 67% of the amount has been collected, or over, 6,700.

The creative director of this place is convinced of the benefits available to children: “We believe that reading is an integral part of our school curriculum and aims to create a culture of fun reading and to provide students with the tools they need to grow their education.», He explains Yorkmix. «We have a library area and fantastic books, but the room is often used for other activities. […] These funds will allow us to solve this problem by creating a unique framework that incorporates our interest in reading – a magical place that can get lost in children’s books, adapting to our environment with environmental features. ‘External learning, He clarified.

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Inside the hut ‘Enchanting atmosphere», Students will be able to discover the full bibliography of fantastic and fantasy books. The space, which can accommodate up to 30 students, will be separated from the main school building. “Through the library, we strive to overcome imbalances and barriers to reading, providing a valuable asset not only to our students but to all people in the region regardless of their origin or circumstances.“, The director of the venues told the English media.

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