The historic cold snap hit the United States

Houston | A cold is expected to spread to the United States after killing ten people and causing power outages for millions of people, including southern states such as Texas, with mild temperatures in general.

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The National Weather Service (NWS) has warned of “unprecedented and widespread dangerous winter conditions” from the East Coast to the West Coast, with more than 150 million Americans in winter weather forecasts.

A new storm is expected in the Great Lakes region (northeast), with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordering emergency services to prepare for Monday, expecting “snow, ice, ice and strong winds across the state for the next two days.”

Frostbite, blizzard, blizzard and polar cold have hit the United States for days.

Ten deaths due to bad weather, officials urged residents to be careful when traveling in these dangerous conditions.

“We have not survived a nearly year-long epidemic of people losing their lives to blizzards or blizzards,” said Kentucky Gov. Andrew Bessier.

A massive snow-storm on a highway near Dallas last Thursday killed at least six people and injured dozens more.

Louisiana officials confirmed Monday that one person had died Monday in Lafayette, the first state to be hit by bad weather in the southern state.

One person has been killed in a snowstorm in Kentucky, according to CBS.

Local media have reported that a boy has died after falling into a frozen pool in Tennessee.

An elderly man has died in Texas, with the death toll ranging from cold to ten.

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Texas, which is more prone to heat recordings than snow, is particularly vulnerable to this historic cold.

A dense blanket of snow surrounded the streets, trees and cars of the state capital, Austin. In some places the temperature dropped to -18 degrees Celsius this weekend, hitting a major city like Houston -9 degrees.

Residents of Texan cities are covering themselves in their homes, with children unable to go outside due to the lack of adequate warm clothing in this condition where the usual average temperature is around 20 degrees.

GMT in the “Lone Star State” reported that nearly 2.8 million homes were without electricity by 7:30 pm Monday due to measures to avoid heavy snowfall, frost and heavy loads on the grid.

Extreme weather is expected to spread further south, with NWS warning that “severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and hot temperatures are expected for southern Georgia and Florida.”

President Joe Biden signed an emergency declaration for Texas on Sunday, offering federal assistance to meet state relief.

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300,000 people have issued emergency notices in Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas and Mississippi and Oregon, all without electricity. More than 3,000 flights were canceled Monday across the country, according to the FlightAware website.

“More than 150 million Americans live in areas where warnings of severe cold, snowfall or blizzard awareness programs have been placed,” the National Weather Service (NWS) said Monday.

“This spectacular cold that hit the United States combines the Arctic high pressure area with the freezing temperatures and the very active depression with the waves of rain,” the company said.

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“Hundreds of cold logs have been recorded, and this pole will be broken during the winter,” the NWS added.

In the center of the country, temperatures in some parts of Minnesota, one of the coldest states in the United States, have already reached record highs of -45 degrees Celsius over the weekend.

Meteorological services have warned that temperatures in the central and southern plains of the country are likely to drop below seasonal levels until Tuesday.

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