The Hermeline de Bussière-Galant space was allowed to reopen on Sunday 23 May

Even if the choppy weather delays your first swimming and family outings, the ad has something that puts a smile on your face. The multi-activity tourist site, Espace Hermeline in Bussière-Galant, will be up and running on Sunday.

“We were waiting impatiently for this moment,” smiles Manon Tayseer, the site’s administrative and financial director. We had the governorate decree allowing us to reopen on that date. “
A rest for this amusement park that offers many activities in the middle of nature for young and old.

Mini golf, tree climbing and huge zipline

A massive 400-meter zipline awaits over the lake and climbing trees, with the black track redesigned for more sport and courage.

“We have prepared places for 20 people every half hour to climb trees,” continues the site employee. Wearing a mask is mandatory from the age of 3, only for equipment.

But other activities are also back in service: walking around the lake, by vélorail for more than 12 km round-trip, mini-golf, tennis or tennis.

Finally, for young and old, starting in July, the mini-train will be in operation.

At the park level, thanks to the application of the Terra Aventura Trail, the “Dronne Resources” circuit around Bossier-Gallant and the lake is resuming its rights, just like the “Dron’s Headwaters Circle”, the “Shepherds’ Path” or the “Young Women”.

Reservation and sale will be done online

The main news for this season will be the booking and selling of major online activities. Thus, visitors who have booked and paid in advance will be able to proceed directly to the start of the chosen activity. What makes it easier to manage social distancing for visitors in this context of disengagement?

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Information: Certainly Espace Hermeline Website

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