The heat wave continues in the countries of the northern hemisphere

Many countries in the Northern Hemisphere are facing sweltering heat this weekend as the mercury topped 35°C almost everywhere.

This is particularly the case in Italy, where 16 cities, including Rome, are on red alert across the territory. Despite these warnings, more than 15,000 pilgrims and tourists still turned up in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square to hear Pope Francis say the Angels’ Prayer.

This heat continues into the night and we have trouble sleeping. And we who are dressed in black, sweat as hell. It is difficult to adapt, it is much hotter than in Africa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congobelieves François Mbemba, a 29-year-old priest in the Diocese of Kinji, near Kinshasa, is on the spot.

Other people who came to visit Rome also had to adapt to this oppressive heat. I really suffer from the heat. I bought a small fan, umbrella and bottled waterlamented Lilo da Costa Rosa, a 48-year-old Brazilian saleswoman who came from Lyon to visit Rome.

Many regions of Italy have been experiencing intense heat for several days. Millions of people around the world suffer from the same consequences of global warming.

Photo: Getty Images/AFP/Giovanni Isolino

Global Warming

It is not only in Italy where the greenhouse effect is being felt. In Europe, warming is progressing twice as fast as the global average, according to experts.

A fire recently destroyed more than 5,000 hectares of forest in Spain, forcing the evacuation of more than 4,000 people.

I feel helpless watching everything burn, two whole villages had to be evacuatedlamented Patricia Sanchez, member of the Spanish Red Crescent, an organization that intervened with the population affected by the raging fires.

Forest fire in British Columbia.

From one end of Canada to the other, wildfires require the intervention of firefighters from across the country.

Photo: The Canadian Press/BC Wildfire Service

In Greece, the authorities have finally decided that the Acropolis in Athens will remain closed to the public on Sunday afternoon due to heat waves, even if temperatures are supposed to drop slightly at the end of the day.

On the other hand, the United States will suffer An invasive and very dangerous heat wave is expected to hit the west this weekend, as well as some places in the south, alerted the National Weather Service (NWS). Local authorities urged people to be careful and warned of the high risk of fires.

In addition to the high temperatures, Southern California is burning due to several violent fires still ongoing, which have already destroyed more than 1,214 hectares, causing the evacuation of many people. Added to this are severe thunderstorms and flooding in New England.

Japan also issued sunstroke alerts on Sunday for tens of millions of its residents who live in 20 of the country’s 47 prefectures. Near-record temperatures are dropping in much of the country, much to the regret of some tourists, like Anthony Fernandez, 29, from the US.

I feel like every time we visit somewhere there is either a heat wave or a natural disaster.

In South Korea, rescuers are struggling to reach people trapped in a tunnel that was flooded as a result of heavy rains in recent days, which have left at least 33 dead and ten missing.

Antiquities in Canada

In Canada alone, more than 10 million hectares have already burned this year, a total that far exceeds anything the country has ever seen. The interim report from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center (CIFFC) said 906 fires were still active Saturday, including 570 that were considered out of control.

Last Thursday, severe thunderstorms and even tornadoes caused significant damage in Greater Montreal. Several thousand subscribers were left without power on Sunday, three days after the storm.

The World Meteorological Organization recently stated that heat is one of the most dangerous meteorological events. Last summer, high temperatures in Europe alone caused more than 60,000 deaths, according to a recent study.

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