The health system’s fury is not fading, and medics strike again

Strike – This is the third strike in five weeks for NHS paramedics

No way out of the crisis in sight. In the UK, while Health workers strikes chained for weeks, Ambulances The new strike is on Monday to demand higher wages in the face of inflation. This is the third strike in five weeks for NHS paramedics The nurses were already on strike Two days in the past week after the first unprecedented mobilization in December.

the Social unrest extends to many sectors In the UK, inflation is at 10.5%, according to the latest figures. But the health sector, which is chronically underfunded and understaffed, is particularly affected. Another massive day of work it is Announced on February 6thWhile that the government In the process of approving the minimum services law in several sectors, including health and transportation.

Minister of Health Steve Barclay She called the strike by paramedics in a press release Sunday evening “extremely disappointing” and stressed the emergency measures that were put in place to ensure patient safety. “There has not been a single proposal in five weeks,” denounced the Secretary General of the United Union, Sharon Graham, in his contact with the Prime Minister (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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