The health status of France is improving

The United States is slightly adjusting its position on the trip to France

The subtlety is subtle, but it has the potential to send a positive signal to the resume Business trip : Earlier in the week, US officials revised their position Trips to about sixty places. Among them, the France It passes Level four to level three. No more nominations for US travelers who want to join France ” Don’t go there “, Further” Avoid going there if possible “Germany, Japan and Canada also benefit from the same word flexibility.


The acceleration of vaccination campaigns in France, as elsewhere in Europe, may explain this growth, no matter how small. But the mutual policy stamped out by European leaders may be the real driving force behind this relatively transparent ability. In fact, at the end of April, the head of the European Commission told the US media: Americans, from what I see, use vaccines approved by the European Pharmaceuticals Company. This will allow free movement and travel to the EU .

Recent legal changes may require the US to reopen its borders more openly under certain conditions, especially as US officials set up task forces with intermediaries from other regions, including Europe, to encourage the resumption of international travel.

Florian Guillaume

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