The Hauser & Wirth Gallery will open an exceptional space on Menorca Island

New York, Hong Kong, London, St. MoritzZurich, Somerset, Gstaad and now Menorca… Hauser & Wirth’s empire continues to expand. Nearly thirty years after its creation in 1992, the huge Swiss gallery founded by couple Ioan and Manuela Wirth has just announced the official opening date of its new space in the Balearic Islands: July 17. Located at the top of King’s Island (Illa del Rei), a small island belonging to Menorca off the Port of Mahone, it spans almost the entire space, creating a haven of peace isolated from the world and entirely devoted to art to preserve the historical foundations of the land. From the 18th to the 20th century, the island was home to a naval hospital as well as several outbuildings for its staff, but archaeological research has also uncovered the ruins of a 15th-century Christian basilica. A rich architectural heritage in the Swiss Gallery wanted to seize it five years ago while ensuring its preservation, first through the support of the Fundación Hospital de la Isla del Rey, an organization dedicated to restoring the island’s historical monuments and creating a ‘museum to perpetuate its history, then by commissioning the rehabilitation of a hospital Langara and its outbuildings by the famous Argentine and French designer Luis Laplace, with the ambition to make it its new Spanish branch.

For two years, the architect and his team restored the orange tiled walls and red tiled ceilings. That characterize the buildings of this island. The main wing of the hospital spans the entire length of one floor and is now divided into eight exhibition rooms, but also a shop and restaurant with a total area of ​​1,500 square meters. Co-founder and co-director of the exhibition, Recently interviewed by Art No.Manuela Wirth See King’s Island “An exceptional place with its wild nature, beautiful lights, sea and wonderful history.” Also, more and more attention to respecting the local environment and natural resources, Hauser & Wirth goes a step further by supporting the Menorca Conservation Fund, which specifically ensures rainwater harvesting and harnessing the natural energies to isolate buildings.

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End of April, The exhibition also revealed in complete custody a first glance Of this new space Through an interactive and virtual visit enabled by a 3D model of the old hospital. In the video, inside and outside the rooms, we discovered the works of the fourteen artists on display, from Bruce Naaman to Jenny Holzer to Bronnie Horn. And Louise Bourgeois, One of them Spider They will be fitted with other sculptures around the building to create a permanent outdoor pathway for the museum’s ambition. The latter will thus be discovered from July 17, when Hauser & Wirth Menorca will open its doors, this time physically, through the rendition of an equally famous artist: the American painter Mark Bradford, who will present a series of pieces for the occasion. Unpublished.

Hauser & Wirth Menorca, opening July 17 with Mark Bradford personal exhibition.

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