The hardest have fallen | Jay-Z breaks down myths about cowboys

(Los Angeles) Cowboys weren’t all white with the coat on their back, insists Jay-Z, hoping for the new West he produced for Netflix, The hardest they fell, will help dispel these misconceptions about the mythical past of the United States.

The American rap star for this movie has recruited an amazing cast of black artists, starring Idris Elba and Regina King, to embody very real characters that have marked the history of the Old West.

Classic West, like celebrities Triple you dollar With Clint Eastwood, neglected minorities. However, nearly a quarter of the cowboys were black, says the manager The hardest they fell, James Samuel.

“A lot of people would like this part of the story to remain veiled,” Jay-Z said at a virtual news conference Thursday.

In addition to entertainment, this movie also has the advantage of “letting people see” while being ignored by history and traditional Western images in Hollywood, where white actors and characters dominate.

The music mogul, who is married to Beyoncé, claims to have learned a lot from this movie in his personal capacity.

The feature film is inspired by a gallery of images of black cowboys, Native Americans, and outlaws, such as Nat Love, Rufus Buck, and Cherokee Bill, who lived in different places and times and thus could not meet.

But Jay-Z believes a more realistic or documentary approach “would have affected people” while at the same time diminishing the impact of the film.

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“You present it as ‘fantasy,'” he explains, “but you slip into a number of very realistic things.

The artist also insists on the role that a soundtrack can play: “You listen to the music, you cling, you love the rhythm, and all this information travels and permeates your soul without you even realizing it.”

For Jay-Z, rap and cinema are “similar” and both allow for “great storytelling”.

He further notes that many elements of Western Hollywood are far from reality, for example the coat worn by Clint Eastwood in the Sergio Leone films.

Therefore, it has relied on extremely archaic influences for music The hardest they fell, as reggae star Barrington Levi.

You hear Barrington Levi and say to yourself ‘Here, but this ain’t Western music’…but that’s not the case with Italian guitars in Oklahoma ! ‘ says Jay-Z.

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