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August 12, 2021

London, August 12, 2021 (AFP) – The UK online clothing chain Pooh has announced a five-year investment plan to create 5,000 jobs in the UK to meet growing demand.

Pooh Group Karen Millan Brand – Karen Millon / Pooh Group

The company, which was formed 15 years ago and is headquartered in Manchester (northern England), plans to invest மில்லியன் 500 million in the country, according to a report. This money will open additional warehouses and new ID systems so we can serve more customers quickly.

The company accounts for half of sales overseas, especially in the United States and Australia. “The investments we plan to make will continue to grow and increase the number of customers,” said Managing Director John Little. “The company’s growth over the last 15 years has been phenomenal,” but “it has not been without challenges,” he admits.

Pooh’s image has been tarnished since last year by corruption over poor working conditions at suppliers. In addition to press reports, the Association for the Protection of Labor Rights condemned the conditions behind working with suppliers in the UK behind the label, especially wages below legal minimums.

The company ordered a statement saying there was no evidence that Pooh had committed any crime, but the panel felt it was blind to the practices of its suppliers. In December, daily Defender Pooh made new revelations accusing Pakistan of selling goods by low-wage workers.

The panel appealed to a former judge in November to guarantee its good practices with a view to overseeing the progress of selecting its suppliers and respecting ethical rules in its supply chain.

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Taking full advantage of the booming online shopping boom, Pooh has bought bankrupt UK retail brands from department stores and several declining Arcadia clothing empires.

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