The Grand Tour chief posts his first look at Scotland in particular in a teaser video as Top Gear wraps up the shortest series ever

Amazon Prime’s hit The Grand Tour has revealed many scenic spots in Scotland in its new trailer.

Grand Tour producer Andy Wellman took to the Instagram They released a teaser video for the much-anticipated Special Scotland Squad.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May meet on a new private Scottish tour. Source: WireImage

However, broadcasters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are not listed.

Instead, the teaser featured some stunning panoramas in a retro-style trailer.

Masked spectators saw the iconic Red Fourth Bridge west of Edinburgh, known as the world’s first large steel structure.

Beautiful cityscapes and idyllic countryside pictures followed.


The final episode of Grand Tour stars Jeremy Clarkson which is due for release later this year. Source: WireImage

Coupled with the suspenseful music, we also saw clips from Edinburgh city center and Queensferry Crossing.

Fans shared their enthusiasm when commenting on the video. “Great cinematic range, huge shows,” one fan said.

Another shouted, “I really can’t wait!”

One fan liked: “This is what I call a big tease! I can’t wait for this !!”

BBC Top Gear has completed its 30th and shortest streak ever.


BBC Top Gear has completed its 30th and shortest streak ever.
Freddy, Flintoff, Buddy McGuinness, and Chris Harris are starring in the latest BBC series Top Gear.


Freddy, Flintoff, Buddy McGuinness, and Chris Harris are starring in the latest BBC series Top Gear.

The Scottish private show is expected to begin later this year. The series was filmed in between closings in 2020.

Former Top Gear presenter James May recently talked about why his “awesome” body is so closed. He said it was because he was not around Grand Tour hosts Jeremy and Richard.

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James explained that he managed to get fit on his bike during the pandemic, mainly because they were not around and it made him a fool for doing it.

Meanwhile, BBC Top Gear completed its 30th and shortest streak of all.

Executive Producers, Claire Beasy and Alex Renton This is IOL The extent of their “concern” about the effects of the epidemic, especially during the filming of the last series « With winters in the UK and not being able to travel abroad. “


“You don’t have to go abroad to enjoy the adventure and beautiful landscapes.”

Claire said, “But I can’t believe what we’ve been able to do, I really think it’s a really strong streak.” Vous n’êtes pas obligé d’aller à l’étranger pour avoir le sens de l’aventure et des paysages magnifiques, alors nous sommes allés dans des endroits magnifiques comme le Lake District et les Highlands écossais – et nous étions très reconnaissants de travailler again.

Alex added, when talking about Top Gear is a family offering, « Top Gear has always been a balancing act. It started out as a traditional car show and then has grown to be more entertainment oriented.

“We’ve proven that there has to be real auto journalism for petrol folks, but also fun for all the family who want a nice hour on Sunday night. It’s an important part of the show’s makeup that we both have.”

You can watch the latest season of Top Gear on BBC iPlayer. Previous releases of The Grand Tour are available to watch on Amazon.

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