The government will go to the Supreme Court to get Imran Khan to be impeached

A.A. / Karachi, Pakistan / Aamir Latif

The Pakistani government announced, Thursday, that it will file a case before the country’s highest court to demand the removal of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is accused of receiving illegal funding from foreign sources.

Speaking at a press conference in the capital, Islamabad, Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb said the Ministry of Justice had been tasked with drafting a “declaration” which would be sent to the Supreme Court in the next three days.

If successful, Khan would be barred from holding public office in the future.

This development came days after the Election Commission ruled that Khan’s party “knowingly” and “deliberately” received illicit funding from foreign sources to run his party and campaign.

The unanimous ruling, announced by a three-member electoral commission on Tuesday, said PTI had secured funding from 351 companies and 34 individuals from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. other countries.

Among them is Pakistani-born businessman Arif Naqvi, who is facing money laundering charges in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Electoral Commission also declared PTI guilty of hiding 13 bank accounts.

Marium Aurangzeb said Imran Khan and other party members would also be investigated by the FBI over ‘bank account blackouts, money laundering and embezzlement’.

The former prime minister rejected the ruling and said the funds in question were not illicit when received in 2012.

In a protest against the election authorities in Islamabad, the former cricketer-turned-politician said via a video link that Naqvi was accused of money laundering in 2018, while the money he collected for PTI was in 2012.

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He said, “How did you know about this (money laundering) in 2012?”

Khan served as prime minister from 2018 until April, when he was ousted in a vote of no confidence in Parliament.

He is alleged to have been impeached in a US-sponsored plot that rallied his supporters for new elections scheduled for 2023.

* Translated from the English by Mourad Belhadj

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