The Government of Canada joins the Alliance on Disaster Resistant Infrastructure

Ottawa, ON, June 29, 2021 / CNW / — As the world focuses on fighting COVID-19, there remains an urgent need to tackle climate change.

Leaders and climate experts around the world are working together to find and deliver solutions, including innovative and sustainable infrastructure, that can not only be used to reduce emissions and protect people from the effects of climate change, but can also create economic opportunities and improve the quality of life.

honorable day Catherine McKennaThe Minister of Infrastructure and Communities announced that Canada Join and endorse the Alliance for Disaster Resistant Infrastructure charter With the aim of enhancing the capacity of infrastructure to withstand climate and disaster risks, thus promoting sustainable development.

Launched in India in 2019, the Alliance is a global partnership of public and private sector groups, including national governments, UN agencies and multilateral development banks. The Alliance supports the achievement of the goals and objectives set out in the Sustainable Development Agenda. 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals, agreement Paris on Climate and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Mitigation.

Combating climate change is a priority for the entire government Canada. Over the past decade, Canadians have witnessed and participated in an increasing number of climate-related events. These events have driven people from their homes, affected local and regional economies, and caused billions of dollars in damage to public and private property. Role Canada As part of a global, multilateral alliance and knowledge sharing that will help ensure that the investments made today are robust and resilient over the long term, mitigating Canadians’ potential vulnerabilities to future climate risks.

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the quote

“I am proud to join India and other countries around the world in creating a world more resilient to the effects of climate change. Floods, droughts, wildfires and thawing permafrost are having a huge impact on the lives of people around the world. As we recover from COVID-19, we must build a structure disaster-resistant infrastructure, and the Alliance has an important role to play in this collective effort Canada To the Alliance Board of Directors, I am happy to share an experience Canada On developing disaster-resistant infrastructure with and learning from coalition members. We must face these challenges together. “

Lunorable Catherine McKennaMinister of Infrastructure and Communities

quick Facts

  • Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, the Alliance on Disaster Resistant Infrastructure at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in September 2019, building on the G20 discussions on the need for a multi-stakeholder approach to improve disaster-resilient infrastructure since 2017.
  • Twenty-two countries are members of the coalition, including the United Kingdom and the United States, FranceGermany, Japan, Chile and Australia.
  • Seven member organizations, including the European Union and the World Bank Group.
  • Government budget for 2021 Canada : A stimulus focused on jobs, growth and resilience, providing new money for resilient infrastructure, including:
    • 1,4 milliard de dollars sur 12 ans, à partir de 2021-2022, pour compléter le Fonds d’atténuation et d’adaptation en matière de catastrophe afin d’atténuer les effets économiques, sociaux et environnementauxforce des changements la climatiques steadfastness.
    • $200 million over three years, beginning in 2021-2022, to create an independent Natural Infrastructure Fund in recognition of resilience and economic investments.
    • $11.7 million over five years, beginning in 2021-22, to renew the Infrastructure Resilience Program support standards so that the Canadian Standards Board can continue to update standards and guidance in priority areas to help communities plan and build their most critical infrastructure. sustainable and resilient to climate change.
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