The government is announcing aid for inflation and families are worried


In the United Kingdom, inflation hit a 40-year low of 9%. Despite the promises of help released by the government this Thursday, the concern is huge, especially for the most humble families.

With our correspondent in London, Sidney Couture

Uncertainty and uncertainty make it difficult for me and others. For this South London retiree, government announcements were not enough to alleviate his anxiety Against the cost of living. ” And the constant worry we live in … prices will only rise, and rise further. Feeling like something is out of control. We can not really trust the government, so it makes us feel confused and we do not know what is going on. It’s really hard.

Provides state assistance Enough to keep the boat afloat again, but [est] Not enough to restore the balance of large families and the poor Said the director of the Children’s Aid Society.

According to the Bank of England, inflation is expected to reach double digits by the end of the year.

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