The Glory Amid scandal, the director of the Netflix series has been accused of molesting the school

While the new episodes of glorya series about a woman’s revenge on her former classmates, was released on March 10 on Netflix, and the director of the drama, in turn, was accused of harassing the school.

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success glory Will he be threatened by the controversy surrounding the series? Published on December 30, 2022 in the Netflix catalog, the South Korean novel was an instant hit with subscribers. Eager to see the continuation of the adventures of Moon, a brilliant young woman who decides to take revenge on her former classmates after they made her live hell, fans have been asking for new episodes. Heard a complaint by the streaming giant: The company in the N rouge aired the sequel on March 10, 2023. Returning with great fanfare for glory, which obviously still has the same effect on netizens if we rely on their comments. however, glory It is the subject of controversy after its director saw Ahn Gil as himself Accused of school harassment by one of his former classmates when he was a student.

boss glory Accused of hitting another student when he was 17 years old

If it’s a plot glory Echoing many victims of harassment, this also happened with this person nicknamed “A”, who knows Ahn Gil Ho, the show’s director. Share on social media that The latter had beaten him and his classmatesafter he found out that they were both harassing his then-girlfriend, in 1996. Aged 17 at the time, Ahn Gil Ho initially denied the facts, because he He did not remember raising his hand to anyone. After conducting the investigation and interviewing those concerned, he finally admitted that This episode actually happened 27 years ago.

ahn generation ho (glory) admits to assaulting a student, reacts

Now that the facts about the incident have been revealed, the principal can only apologize to those he hurt. His lawyer, Kim Moon Hui, said in the statement: Principal Ann said he wanted to I ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart I would like to meet in person or communicate by phone to convey our apologies to those affected.” Enough to silence the case? In the future I will tell.

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